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  1. You said the rest of the city was fine when the it was filled with crime and a huge death wave 😂😂 but I think you was referring to the traffic.

    • The traffic was causing the crime and death wave by preventing the services from reaching their destinations. So it was all about fixing the traffic in order to solve the other issues.

  2. One thing you may want to check is the exit off the new freeway to where the Casinos are. When they make the left turn off, is there a node in between that intersection and the first intersection at the casino? With the lane connector tool forcing lane usage and without the node in between they cant be in the lane they want. That may explain why they are picking weird places to get off the freeway. It may be worth a to use the lane arrow tool in places where you dont have a node in between intersections. The lane arrows will still force the lane usage you want going into the intersection, but allow them to pick their lane leaving it. I suspect another entrance and exit on the avenue that is next to yard would help as well if you dont have one there. Maybe it will be of use for those trips coming from the canyon. The casinos may need parking garages in order to allow all that traffic a place to actually park. I would maybe get rid of the of the zoned leisure as well until you can see what kind of traffic those casinos are really causing. I am looking forward to see what fixes it.

  3. Leisure district is booming!
    Are you gonna make more train stations for local route too?

    • It sure is! Well eventually have a solid public transit system but I want to build the city up to the present first, so that we have a solid American city before starting to imagine how a public transit could improve it.

  4. looks a bit odd with so many trees. any plans on adding more casinos?

    • Flagstaff is in the middle of a large pine forest and the first time through it is quite unexpected. It is a very pretty place.

    • Yes, well be adding casinos all along The Strip. We just need to unlock more tiles first.

  5. Well done with the traffic issue, but you should really start utilizing roundabouts as they were developed in the 60s and would go with your timeline.

    • Roundabouts are very uncommon in American builds at this time. I don’t think we will see many in this series and not until much later.

  6. Cemetary and garbage dumps are nothing but problems, the pain of not being able to delete them until they are emptied is annoying

    • If you arent patient enough to empty them you can always use Move It to select and then delete.

  7. A monorail near the casinos would be neat like the Las Vegas one. Kind of a tourist novelty that serves a purpose.

  8. Please watch biffa traffic video’s, it’ll save a lot of time and fix all ur traffic issues and make it more efficient and realistic.

  9. You need to have some public transit and light rail would be a good idea

    • The city will eventually have a solid public transit system, but not for a while yet.

  10. before i saw this episode i added a roundabout on the junction beteen the Oasis building and the avenue leading to the foothills. plus the road off that roundabout leading to the residental area i made Oneway towards that area… fixed traffic. I hope I made sense : ) i have a screen shot but dont know how to send it!

    • Interesting idea. You can always share your screenshots on the discord server:

  11. Hey Czardus always loving all your series! I think ur problem with the Traffic is that u turned on the ENTER JUNCTION thing on TMPE settings in the last episode. Therefore they block each other from entering the junction causing a backup. Give it a try with it off 🙂 and perhaps manually change some junctions that really need the enter junction function. GUYS PLEASE LIKE SO CZARDUS CAN SEE THIS

    • Lane mathematics and dedicated turn lanes might help a lot, too! Biffa has some good ideas about that 🙂 You do seem to have the Traffic Manager mod…using its features would help a lot perhaps? Love your series!

    • @Czardus I appreciate your reply Czardus! thank you for making another amazing series.

    • Yes, that may be playing a role though it also can help in a lot of situations. Ill be continuing to work on this traffic for a while.

      Also, I read every comment (and still try to reply to them all as well) so you dont need to get likes to upvote it. 🙂

  12. Maybe consider watching Biffas way to use TM:PE and to fix traffic

  13. Some of your lane connector usages might give better traffic flow, but also forbid cars to go where they need to go.

    For example, at 8:25, cars on the main road from the east (i.e. outside the city) have no direct access to the thin 4-lane street west of the hotel. [Im assuming the sun is south here.]
    If they turn right at the first intersection, they need to turn right directly after that, and continue on this avenue to the north-east.
    If they turn right at the second intersection, they need to turn right directly after that to the parallel thin 4-lane road, and then either switch lanes to continue on the same avenue north-east or go back to the main road, again in the same direction as before. I guess they need to go to the next intersection and right to enter that street from the other side, or go into the city, turn around and then come from the west into these intersections (potentially using the highway and then the first exit – we see a lot of cars there). Or somehow manage to come through this avenue in the other direction.

    I think in those intersections with a really short stretch of road after it (anything without an additional node) you need to allow them to go into all lanes of that exiting road … and use timed traffic lights (coordinated for both intersections) to give good flow without conflicts.
    (Public transport would likely work even better, even if its not the american way of doing it.)

    Some other notes:
    → On the highway, make sure you have dedicated exit lanes, so back ups from exiting traffic does not block traffic which wants to stay on the highway. Easiest way to get this is lane mathematics: If one lane leaves, only the remaining lanes continue onward, i.e. you have 3 → 2 + 1. When a lane enters, add the lane counts again (1 + 2 → 3). (And, for high-traffic situations, use the lane connectors (Shift-S is the hotkey to set them all at once, I think) to force them to stay in their lane until the next node). Works best if its several nodes until the next exit, though, otherwise youll get weird lane changes again (like south of the hotel on the highway), or are even forcing cars to go where they dont want to go.
    → 13:40 A whole lot of cars who are driving over other cars – I think thats the equivalent of cars despawning, when you forbid that.
    → At many places we see completely blocked intersections – I think thats an effect of your global traffic manager setting which allows cars to enter blocked junctions. I think that should only be carefully used per-intersection, on the main roads, not the side roads entering them (or on roundabouts for the roundabout, not the entering roads).

    • Yes, Ill be working with the lane connectors a lot this week. This is a problem that will be with us for a while, and likely to be a major theme in the series.

  14. Hi czardus. Have you ever played New City. And if so it would be awesome if you started a series for it.

  15. great series.
    you should make the tiny street around the mgm as onewayroad. and the off and on going roads to that bigger streets around them also one way. maybe it helps to manage the traffic.

  16. I have an idea to help with the traffic: you should try and make the Highway roads be a priority road and see if that helps with the traffic. If so you should make youre other arterial roads become a priority road. Hopefully that could fix the traffic problems with youre city.

    • You have to be careful with that though because you dont want to put all of your traffic on the highways. Traffic management is all about having plenty of routes available to spread it all out while still trying to keep the bulk on the larger roads.

  17. I know its against the spirit of American cities to have good transit but build A Metro from your strip along the main road. Your city might only need that one line.

    • Yes, a metro would be the easy solution. But its completely unrealistic for the style of city. Well get an extensive public transit system but not until the city is in the future. Right now were building the city as it was in the 1960s, and public transit was nonexistent in the region at that time (other than buses).

  18. Im really loving this series and your way of presenting your builds. After all, its just a game and you seem to enjoy that aspect of it. Thanks!

  19. The problem with the kind of restrictions you made with the roads is that you force people to take one or two directions max. People literally run out of options

    Meanwhile, the real problem there is the fact that the bits of roads connecting to the main road are too short AND too close

    Making it all a right-way loop with fewer connections would probably solve the issue without forcing people into ways they don’t wanna go

    If you take a look, one of the problems was that they were using the avenues to make a u-turn cause the one-way road were facing left, making them go in front of f one another, blocking everything

    • @Czardus TMPE surely helps a lot making those intersections less problematic, but you still have too many crossing points near each other

      You got two ways of entering and existing the cassinos road near each other in various points.

      In the main one, in both cases you force people coming from the left in the cassinos road to stay on the the right lane, forcing them to turn right in the avenue intersection. And the people from the right is forced to turn left, going out of town

      If you get rid of the closest to the avenue, you can give them more freedom by using a timed traffic light, and making the whole inner sistem one-way, you stop almost all crossing in points without traffic lights

      By forcing them into one lane, it ends up generating a loop point so they can access the cassinos road in the other way to access other points of the avenue

      If you trace the path the cars can do after the restrictions, youll see that they end up with fewer options than they should have

      Obviously its just a suggestion, dont get me wrong here. The decision will always be yours

    • Distance between the intersections becomes much less of an issue when youre using TMPE and able to allow the vehicles to enter the intersection first. If we were playing without mods Id completely agree with you though. We do have those close together!

  20. i think puting some one way roads could be good in the cassino area and avenues next to the high way

  21. The hillside trees now look a lot truer to the Flagstaff inspiration IMO.

    • @Czardus what did you do and/or use to get the trees back on the map?

    • Indeed! Im really not sure how the trees didnt end up in the map to begin with. I distinctly remember placing them when building it. Oh well.

  22. I think that the exit from the highway that you built is with wrong roads

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